Glass Houses

false prophets 1

I was torn between writing about the hypocrisy of reality television or about all the people who rant about LGBT people and then are found to have accounts on Grindr. The latter won out. Why? Because there hasn’t been a day that has gone by this week that didn’t expose some preacher being a lying hypocrite about what God wants. I have known ministers in my life who were kind and believed in the word of God. I have seen ministers who preach of sin and deviance yet are so loaded with it themselves, I vow never stand too close, because I just know any minute God is going to zap them with a quicky lightning bolt.

It amazes me that these people think what applies to everyone else doesn’t apply to them. A married minister (yes, to a woman) with five children telling a teenager to commit suicide because he’s gay is the latest example. Oh look, there he is on Grindr with nekkid* pictures of himself. I’m stunned by stories of ministers who are so vehemently opposed to allowing gay ministers preach that they leave their church and start their own,only to be outed as gay themselves. I’ve reached the point where if there is someone who’s spouting off about how gay people will be the death of the American family structure, I automatically ask myself, ‘wonder what his boyfriend thinks about that‘ instead of what a jerk.

But here’s my point. If you are secretly gay, stop bashing gay people. Because if you are, then you’re probably on Grindr or some other site and that will be your downfall. Someone, somewhere, will be zipping through profiles and find you. Then will come the inevitable outing on all the sites and you will be disgraced and have to go into hiding. Your wife will look at you in a new light, your children will shake their heads and your parishioners will devour everything they can find on the internet about what you did.

Or better yet, just be truthful. Understand that God’s love is not predicated on you bashing his other children just because they’re gay. It’s not predicated on you, standing before a congregation, being a liar and/or hypocrite about who you are and what you believe. Instead, try being non-judgmental and loving your fellow human, the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t tell a vulnerable, questing teenager that he might as well go to hell for committing suicide as being gay.

That old cliche about people living in glass houses? There’s a reason it’s a cliche. Because it’s true.

Rant over, we will return to our regular broadcasting of funny cat pictures ASAP.

love thy neighbor

*I used nekkid here because I agree with the late great Lewis Grizzard. Naked means no clothes, nekkid means no clothes and you’re up to something.


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