The Walking Dead: The Kiss that Blew Up Twitter

TWD don't open

So, tonight Rick and the gang are most likely still settling into Alexandra, a ‘safe’ zone in the world of zombies trying to eat your face off. I expect there to be more trauma drama, with the gang maybe trying to get Daryl to take a bath, maybe stop gutting possums on the front porch.  I expect to see some zombie killing as well, because you know, it is The Walking Dead after all.

What I would like to not see is Twitter blow up over two men kissing. Last week, when Aaron and Eric kissed, there was an immediate, vocal, vicious, outcry over it. That stunned me. Especially since not one minute earlier, Michonne was picking zombie parts out of the radiator of the car Glenn had just used to plow down a herd of them.

People were screaming things like “How can you show two guys kissing! My kids watch this show!”

Let’s stop and think about that for a minute. You have zero problem with people stabbing zombies in the head, setting them on fire and cutting them in half. Yet you have a fit over two people showing affection, for finding love in a loveless world?


You don’t have a problem with a group of people who herd other humans into a warehouse, bend them over a trough, whack ’em in the head with a baseball bat and then slit their throats. But you tweet “Two guys kissing?  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

You will let them watch Beth accidentally get her brains blown out, or Bob have his leg eaten by cannibals but two men kissing grosses you out?

Note to Self: Don’t get caught in a post apocalyptic world with these people.

Love is a rare enough thing, even in a world of no zombies and if you’re a Walking Dead couple, prepare to kiss your butt goodbye. No couple on this show (except for Glenn and Maggie)  has survived. One or the other has either been killed by the super flu, bitten by a zombie or met an otherwise untimely demise. Even people not in love get whacked on a regular basis. {Yes, Tyreese and Beth, I’m looking at you.}

That’s why not only am I happy to see Aaron and Eric be in love, but also  encourage it. I do that even knowing that since they are in love, there will no doubt be an untimely demise in their future. Why? Because the death and destruction is so grim, so unrelenting on The Walking Dead, the only thing that makes me want to keep watching is the hope that there is some hope for these people.

Hope that Rick will make it through to raise his kids, that Eugene will find a good barber and get rid of the mullet and that Daryl will take a bath.

You know that the sanctuary known as Alexandria will not last, that hopelessness will once again rear its ugly head and that the gang will have to move on. It will happen because or or regardless of what’s inside or outside the gate. Either Aaron or Eric will meet an unfortunate end, and there will be mourning and avenging and ranting against humanity. So what say, we just enjoy the love for a minute and maybe tweet, instead: OMG How about you keep the body count down to 50 or so zombies this week?

Just a thought.


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