Sunny California

Once upon a time a writer up and moved herself, her stuff and her animal across the country on a 5 a.m. flight to sunny Southern California. She had a BFF who lived there and who, against all good sense, offered said writer a place to stay. Little did the writer know that she’d finish her book, self publish (because publishers  loved it, but it wasn’t what they were looking for at that time) and then go on the job hunt.

Everybody wants to hire someone who’s sharp, funny, can work a deadline and a tag line like nobody’s business, right?

Wrong. Though in all fairness California is suffering high unemployment rates and a drought that apparently makes even Governor Brown cranky.

Freelance work is great, but for someone who thrives in an environment of collaboration, and loves bouncing ideas off other people, it can be a little…boring.  Not to mention if no one’s around to hear your jokes, are you really funny? The dog thinks so, he wags his tail when I tell him a joke. The cat, well, she’s a cat and tolerates me because I have opposable thumbs. Without me, she’d have to get off her butt and hunt up her own food.

So, for my first post, on my new blog, I’d like to offer my services. If anybody’s looking for somebody who is smart, funny an excellent writer, addicted to Diet Coke and willing to work for food and lodging, hit me up.


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